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“Tobacco Valley”, was written by Iona Douglas-Moguel.  Iona was born in Nashville, Tennessee, March 27, 1968.  In 1986, Iona graduated from high school and immediately joined the U.S. Navy.  While in the Navy, Iona was rated as a Torpedoman.  After serving in the Navy, Iona enrolled as an Electronics Engineer at DeVry University.  After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering in ‘1994, Iona worked as a Final Test Engineer for the Silicon Valley Group, a Division in Anaheim, California.


In 1995, Iona had her first daughter Bobiona, by Robert Moguel, who she later married in 1996.  In 1997, Iona started a Computer Graphics Business that is still productive today.   In 1999, Iona had her second child Robert Moguel Jr.


In August 2003, Iona’s mother, Leona Douglas, died leaving her to be one of the heirs to the land Peach Valley Road in Gallatin Tennessee.  That same year, Iona began to write about her family’s history based on the recorded deeds relating to the land Peach Valley.


Iona currently runs a computer graphics business, teach African Americans the Stock Market Daily, and has dedicated her time to independently produce “Tobacco Valley,” the story of her family roots.



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