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Kenneth Wilcox

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  1. Current Communication student at Middle Georgia State University.
  2. Middle Georgia State production of “By the way meet Vera Stark.” My parts were Leroy Barksdale and Herb Forrester.
  3. Character “Dude Spray” on YouTube.
  4. The Backlot Players “To Kill A Mockingbird.” My part was Reverend Sykes.
  5. Digital Sports Broadcasting Network: Camera work covering High school and arena football.
  6. Background on the movie “Come Sunday.”
  7. Background on T.V. show “The Originals.”
  8. Film Connections: Swing crew, working between lighting, grip and camera while on a proof -of-concept shoot.
  9. Film Connections: “Theater Makers” pitch for a 16 part series. Worked lighting and camera.



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